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Featured Video (Grand Theft Auto V - Goodbye Amanda)

For more GTA V videos go to my YouTube Channel.

Shake N Bake

3DKillers now has over 100 videos uploaded and screenshots are coming here soon. These screenshots are great for using as wallpaper backgrounds for your computer. I should also have some merchandise available very soon as well.

Featured Video (Zombie Army Trilogy - Killer Combos 1.0)

Check out these amazing Combos in ZAT - Zombie Army Trilogy on the Xbox One.

OST Music Now Added To Website

You can now enjoy listening to Original Soundtracks while you browse the 3DK website or surf the web. Just click on the Pop Out Player located over there on the right then the minimize to hide and enjoy! If you do not click on the Pop Out Player the music will only play on this page only.

I'll be adding additional music to the player from time to time. Perhaps monthly. Since October is more or less over, the fist installment for November is Volgarr the Viking composed and arranged by Kochun Hu, SuperheroSoundworks like what you hear? Please purchase Volgarr the Viking soundtrack here.

3DK YouTube Channel

Hello gamer's at long last I'm getting around to updating the 3DK website. I have been spending a considerable amount of time adding content to the 3DK YouTube Channel. I would be grateful if you could visit my 3DKillers YouTube Channel once there, please subscribe and activate notifications. Be sure to like my videos and drop some comments, it really helps me and motivates me to make even more videos!

♫ OST Music