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☢ About 3DK? ☢

👾 As an old school gamer who grew up plugging quarters into Arcade Cabinets! Iv'e gone through just about every video game console available over the years. At present I have settled in nicely with the Xbox One and share many of my experiences from those gaming sessions on my 3DK YouTube Channel. Iv'e easily played thousands of video games and the total amount of hours I have logged in playing video games is probably jaw dropping! Iv'e also designed video game content which you can learn more about below. Thus it's all this experience that more then qualifies me to know what makes a great video game and what doesn't. If your a video game developer and would like my valuable feedback please don't hesitate to CONTACT me.

3DK Merchandise

👕 If you enjoy all my hard work here at the website as well as the 3DK YouTube Channel and would like to show your support and look stylish while doing so. Then please consider purchasing some 3DK Merchandise just click on the STORE tab. There you'll find all the typical swag all designed by yours truly. I make very little on these transactions "I'm not YouTube famous" I have no massive revenue streaming in so every little bit truly helps and free advertising is always a plus! 😉

Game Reviews

🤖 With so much on my plate it's hard to find the time to do everything I would like to do here. If I ever get the free time I will try to post some video game REVIEWS here. Thing is, most gamers want reviews on the newest releases. This would be fine if all I was doing was game reviews and nothing else, which is not that case. So what I would like to do is bring aboard some dedicated game reviewers that will help fill this void. If your interested in such an endeavor you can check here for all the details. (link coming soon...)

Game Design

📐 I truly love video games but not just playing them. I enjoy capturing amazing screen shots and creating awesome wallpaper backgrounds for your desktop. Over the years I have also created various content for many video games. Mostly Levels and maps if you would like to learn more about what games I have created content for you can find all the details under the DESIGN tab. Designing free content for games is a labor of love I spend countless hours perfecting as well as testing to ensure true quality results. If your a fan of my work please show your support by donating so I can continue doing what I love! If your a game developer and have taken interest in my work, I would be thrilled and honored to help or join your team. I believe my extensive set of skills would greatly benefit any game developing company.